Saturday, May 14, 2011

Highlights from the Richmond Nature Park

Yesterday, after work, I decided to stop by my local urban park ~ the Richmond Nature Park. Over the last several months, the park has undergone a major restoration project, with the aid of the Richmond Nature Park Society, The City of Richmond Parks Department, Engineering students from UBC, and the Richmond Cadets. Together, they removed the fencing around the pond, pulled up many invasive species, and replanted trees and shrubs native to British Columbia. Many unique artwork pieces have also been erected, in the gardens. They did an absolutely amazing job and, judging from the turn-out at the feeders and adjacent trees, the birds think so too!

Here are just a few of the birds and critters I was privileged to spend time with, during my one hour tour...

A Downy Woodpecker

A Red-breasted Nuthatch

A Black-headed Grosbeak [...and a Life Bird for me!]

A Rufous Hummingbird

A Purple Finch [female]

A Purple Finch [male]

A Black-capped Chickadee

An invasive Bull Frog

Red-eared Sliders

..and, last but certainly not least, Mr. Whiskers, the resident Douglas Squirrel!

If you're ever in the Richmond area, I highly recommend stopping by! You won't be disappointed!


  1. Lovely photos Kim! Looks as if they've done a wonderful job on the park. :)

  2. Kimberly, I'll have to add that park to my list! Nice series of shots! That's a good selection for an hour long walk!

  3. That one turtle looks like it has 2 heads! ;-)

  4. Looks like a wonderful and beautiful place to visit. Fantastic series of photographs! Congratulations on the life bird and a terrific photo of the Black-headed Grosbeak.

  5. Great photos! I take my son to this park often and love their special features and speakers. I haven't been there yet this year to see the changes so thank you for this post and inspiring me to get there.
    Lastly, nice spotting of the birds! I have seen some, but not all of those you saw and now I hopeI can be as lucky!

  6. Love the photos! The bullfrog is awesome.

  7. Beautiful images Kimberley! Love the Black-headed Grosbeak, and congrats on this beautiful lifer.