Sunday, November 21, 2010

Backyard Birds: The Northern Flicker

I have a beautiful pair of Northern Flickers visiting my backyard suet feeders, several times a day. This morning, the female arrived first, while her mate waited patiently in a nearby tree. She took her sweet time getting to the block but he didn't fly over until she was through [the last photo shows the male feeding]. See. Chivalry is not dead.


  1. This is great! fun blog and wonderful photos. I really liek the suet feeder you have. My husband bores big holes in small logs for me and puts a screw hook into the ends of them to hang. I pack them with suet and hang them all around. I get lots of assorted Woodpeckers with them but so far, no Flicker. Beautiful bird. Robin

  2. Good shots of the Northern Flickers.

  3. Nice photos and I have the very same feeder! I have one that visits regularly and I enjoy watching it eat, pecking the suet like wood.