Saturday, July 3, 2010

Highlights from Mara Lake, B.C.

Recently, my family and I drove up to Mara Lake, where a good friend of ours has a waterfront cabin. Although the weather was unseasonably chilly and overcast, we had a lovely time. To follow are just a few highlights from our trip...

My son and his daddy, fishin' on the pier...

While an Osprey was huntin' fish from above...

There was a family of Common Mergansers...

There was also a pair of Northern Flickers nesting in the tree outside the cabin. Very noisy critters, they were!
Also noisy was this Miami Vice Movie Boat! A $500,000 watercraft owned by Bryan Trottier, a retired Professional Hockey Player that played 18 seasons with the New York Islanders and Pittsburgh Penguins. He owns a luxury cabin on the lake.


  1. looks like a nice place, very nice pictures


  2. I think that it can be said that having money doesn't actually mean you have good taste - that boat is something else.


  3. I really want to do my fishing like that! so so so cool :)

  4. Very lovely. The fishing photo is fabulous! The family of Common Mergansers images are wonderful! I especially love the little guy on mom's back. Sweet!

  5. Very nice father son moment captured and shared.
    I especially enjoyed the adorable Merganser family captures from your visit.

  6. Excellent post Kimberley! I love the Merganser family!