Thursday, April 22, 2010

A Walk in the Park...

Today, I decided to spend some time at the Richmond Nature Park. This little urban gem can be found near the corner of Westminster Highway and No#5 Road, in Richmond [a suburb of Vancouver], British Columbia. Since it's only a few blocks away from where I work, I usually try to stop by both in the morning, before work, and in the afternoon, before heading home for the day. This gives me the opportunity to observe different birds and critters, depending on the time of day I visit.

Join me as I take a short photo walk around the park...on this gorgeous day, in the Pacific Northwest.

First up...

An adorable Douglas Squirrel.

The smallest of all Pacific Northwest Squirrels [only 33cms long, including a 13cm tail]

Cute as little teenie weenie buttons, they are!

...much more attractive than their burly cousins, the Grey Squirrel. Some interesting facts about the 3 squirrels that call British Columbia home, can be found HERE

If there is one thing the Douglas Squirrel should worry's this! A lurking Cooper's Hawk. One of two that nest in the park...

Other birds include...the Song Sparrow...

Spotted Towhee...

[male] House Finch...

[female] House Finch...

Purple Finch...

American Goldfinch...

Black-capped Chickadee...

Red-breasted Nuthatch...

American Robin...

...and the smallest of all...a Rufous Hummingbird, perched!

In the pond, one could see a lovely pair of Green-winged Teals...along with a red-eared Slider, poking his head out of the water...

...and if you keep your eyes could see a frog or two!

The Nature Park is in full bloom. There's plenty here to keep any bumblebee or hummingbird busy...for hours on end. Next time, I'll bring my macro I can capture some of the interesting insects that call this park home.

Spending a few moments at your local nature park is a fantastic way to start [or end] a day. Visit your urban park today! You never know what you might find there!


  1. very nice pictures as usual Kim


  2. Spectacular photo series Kimberley! Wonderful assortment of birds during your walk in the park.

  3. Wow, wonderful walk you had!!! Fantastic shots as always, Kim!

  4. Looks like you have a set of well-behaved professional model birds in your park. They were all very cooperative for these great shots! :)

  5. Nice! Made me feel like I went for a walk this morning instead of sitting in this office.

  6. Now that's a nice walk! Beautiful photos.

  7. Wonderful post Kim on a great little spot!! That frog kinda scares me though! ;-)

  8. Some lovely shots. I especially like the squirrel ones.

  9. Thank you all for taking the time to check out my photo blog...and your comments are extremely appreciated.