Sunday, January 24, 2010

Raptor Round-Up!

We drove out to O.W.L. [The Orphaned Wildlife Rehabilitation Society] to see the owls but it was the drive out there that took our breath away!

With Boundary Bay only a stones throw away from O.W.L., we expected to see an Eagle or two. Boy were we surprised when we saw the sheer numbers of Bald Eagles waiting for us! Almost every tree had a majestic Bald Eagle perched in it!

This tree was a lucky host to two generations!

I noticed a nest high up in a tree and was very surprised to see a pair of Bald Eagles in it! I was careful not to get too close, preferring to shoot from a distance so as not to disturb them.

The many waterways were brimming with a good variety of ducks: Mallards, Wigeons, Teals...

Many Great Blue Herons were hunting out in the farmer's fields...

Finally, we arrived at O.W.L.

We saw Peregrine Falcons, Merlins, Bald Eagles, Golden Eagles [a pair dining on rats when we arrived], and many different species of owls, including: Great Horned Owls, Eastern and Western Screech Owls, and these gorgeous Snowy Owls...

Sadly, all of the raptors we saw today are permanent residents of the center. All injured either in battle, by window strike, or by car.

There is another larger section of the center that is NOT open to the public. This is where the majority of the raptors reside. Those are the lucky ones. Those are the ones that have been rehabilitated and are nearing release.

Soon, they too will fly among the Eagles...


  1. Your eagle shots are awesome...especially the two in the nest! What a sight!!!

  2. Would love to see all those Eagles..

  3. Great Eagle shots! You lucky thing! I just watched Nature on PBS tonight showing nesting pairs. Also, enjoyed the owl pics! Great post!

  4. Wow, just fantastic photos, makes me jealous to come up there, you have great birding spots.

  5. How exciting to come across those beautiful eagles Kim. Love the nest shot. Great shots of those adorable Snowy's too. Happy to hear they are being so well taken care of.

  6. WOW! Eagles and Owls. Who could ask for anything better! Beautiful photos!

  7. Excellent post and photos. Glad that you made it out to O.W.L.