Monday, November 2, 2009

Autumn Walk

Today, my eldest son woke with a nasty cough. Since it was also a Workshare day for me, I decided to keep him home and encourage him to rest. He rose around 10AM, after a reasonable sleep, and was itching to get outside and play.

I met him halfway, with an Autumn walk instead.

We ended up at the Christ Church Cemetery, only a few blocks away from our home, at the corner of Bell Road and Old McLellan.

This area of Cloverdale is rich with heritage. Back in 1882, the Reverend William Bell, an Anglican Minister, was instrumental in the building of Surrey's first church – Christ Church. Its foundation stone was laid August 16, 1884. The white building you see in the foreground above, is a hall built in 1877. Sadly, it is deteriorating rapidly.

This is the Christ Church Cemetery.

Although many people are laid to rest here, the area is alive with birds and wildlife. We saw Northern Flickers, Black-Capped Chickadees, Red-Breasted Nuthatches, Sparrows, and squirrels galore; all living comfortably among the many old growth trees on the property. The trees were all brilliantly marked with gorgeous orange, yellow, and red leaves. To follow are just a few of the images I took today:

This is the view, looking back from where we came:

A remarkable place, in the heart of old heritage Cloverdale.


  1. Beautiful photos as always!!! I love Fall and all it's colours!!

  2. Lovely post Kim - I love the colors you were able to showcase!

  3. Beautiful photos! What a neat place!

  4. Cemeteries are a great place to bird I have actually seen Eagle, Redtail Hawk and mourning doves nesting in them in addition to many spring migraters during the past year. Looks like you had a nice walk with your son today.

  5. Lovely fall photos! It looks like a nice walk.