Thursday, October 22, 2009

Follow Friday: Who I Follow and Why

As some of you may already know, I'm a birdwatcher. My love of birds started HERE The people I follow on Twitter share the same passion for birds, wildlife, nature, and the environment.

Here's a short list of people (in alphabetical order) that I have had the pleasure of following - people that add to my life and inspire me to be a better birdwatcher, photographer, and lover of nature. These people are engaging, kind, and knowledgeable. Please consider following each and every one of them (if you're not already!):

A kind birdwatcher from London, England

A talented birdwatcher from New Jersey that works and travels all over the world.
Find her blog HERE

One of the first birdwatchers I started to follow on Twitter. A truly kind, talented gentleman from New York. If you need an ID on a shorebird, he's your guy!
Find his blog HERE

A ringer from the U.K.
Find her blog HERE with links to photos found HERE

A fantastic birdwatcher that tweets valuable information about birds

A wonderful bird and butterfly watcher from Pennsylvania that specializes in eco-gardening.
Follow her blog HERE

A fantastic birdwatcher/nature lover from Kansas
Follow her blog HERE

A link to the Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society - Great protectors of our magnificent wilderness!
Read about them HERE

A gifted photographer and nature lover from Longwood, Florida. I always look forward to #CraigsPick of the day
Follow his blog HERE

A wonderful, kind lady that tweets from the road while travelling across the USA in a motorhome.
Her blog can be found HERE

A terrific, warm and kind birdwatcher from Chicago, Illinois

A wonderful blogger from Washington, D.C.
Follow his blog HERE

A gifted photograpger from Naperville, Illinois
Her blog can be found HERE

A kind birdwatcher from Connecticut
His blog can be found HERE

A kind birdwatcher from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
Check out his photography gallery HERE

A remarkable photographer from Orlando, Florida
Check out his bird gallery HERE

A wonderful birdwatcher, nature lover, and bug photographer from Chicago, Illinois

A lovely birdwatcher with a great sense of humour. She's from the Great Lakes area, NY

A kind and warm treehugger/birder from Long Island, New York

A great birdwatcher/photographer from the UK
Follow his blog HERE

A gifted photographer and cardmaker from Dekalb, Illinois
Her blog can be found HERE

A warm, kind, and gifted bird photographer from Chicago, Illinois

Brilliant bird and nature photographer from Michigan
Check out her amazing Flickr Gallery HERE
Her blog can be found HERE

A kind wildlife advocate from Antioch, CA
Follow his blog HERE

A kind birdwatcher and nature lover from Blacksburg, Virgina
Follow her blog HERE

An extremely kind birdwatcher from beautiful Peru. Also creator of the Bird Bloggers Tweet Club
Follow his blog HERE

A kind gentleman and farmer from Kansas
His blog can be found HERE

She's a gifted wildlife photographer from Estonia (love her winking fawn photo!)
Check out her work HERE

A funny, beautiful, and witty lawyer from lovely New Mexico
Check out her outstanding videos on Youtube HERE

A gifted photographer from gorgeous Maine
His blog can be found HERE

A very kind and warm birdwatcher from O'Fallon, Illinois

A knowledgeable and kind animal and wildlife enthusiast from Orlando, Florida

A friendly and kind fellow westcoaster living in Seattle, Washington

He's a friendly, warm and kind park ranger that also happens to be a great bird and wildlife photographer from Utah.
Check out his blog HERE

The official Twitter account for the Nature Conservancy. Protectors of ecologically important lands and waters
They have protected more than 119 million acres of land and 5,000 miles of rivers worldwide!!!!
Check out their organization HERE

The official Twitter account for Nature Canada - Great protectors of wildlife and habitats in Canada
Learn more about them by visiting HERE

In a nutshell, The Nature Conservancy of Canada is the country's leading land conservation organization, with more than 2 million acres protected since 1962.
Learn more about them by visiting HERE

A new follow for me, this guy is a fantastic wildlife photographer from the U.K.
Check out his amazing work HERE

A kind nature lover from N.E. Saskatchewan

One of my favorite people on Twitter. A fellow Canadian that shares her love for nature and birds. PS: The Flames suck!
Her blog can be found HERE

A knowledgeable bird and nature photographer from the U.K.
His blog can be found HERE

A gifted birdwatcher/photographer from Morehead, KY
Follow her blog HERE

Humorous fellow I discovered on twitter by chance. He tweets from Knoxville, TN
See what he's been up to by going HERE

Truly one of the best wildlife photographers I've come across. He's kind too!
His amazing photography website can be found HERE

A gifted photographer and nature lover from Tucson, Arizona

A wonderful wildlife rehabber from North Carolina.

A wonderful photographer from Down Under (Newcastle, Australia)
Check out some of his latest work HERE

A great photographer from Estero, Florida
Check out her blog HERE

An engaging nature lover and environmental advocate from Colorado

A close personal friend that creates works of art using wood and a scroll saw. She's from Delta, B.C.
Check her out HERE

A close personal friend and birdwatching partner from Mission, B.C.
Her blog can be found HERE


  1. Adorable goose picture and thank you so much for the mention. :-) I will be sure to check all these other blogs out this weekend when time is not so tight.

  2. I am humbled by your mention Kim. Thank you for your continued support and for all the wonderful posts you blog about. I expect lots of fun stories as you and your partner in crime Robbie AKA YsMum bird the seasons.

  3. Thank you so much! I am very honored to be on this list!! AND I LOVE the pic you chose!! PERFECT!

  4. What a great idea for a blogpost (I may steal it at some point!). And thanks so much for including me in your list!

  5. Wow! Thanks for the kind words and including me.

  6. What a great and thoughtful post LW!

    Thanks you so much for including me and I can't wait to find some new treasure in your list I may not know about!

    Craig Glenn