Sunday, October 25, 2009

A Cloverdale Autumn

The skies over Cloverdale, British Columbia may be overcast and gray, but color is everywhere. Here are just a few shots I took during a walk in my neighborhood, this morning. First stop, my own backyard:

... and then we took it beyond the fence....

I love the misty mountain tops of the North Shore. In Summer, this lawn was brown and brittle. Thanks to the seemingly endless days of rainfall, here in the Pacific Northwest, the grass has returned to a deep, velvety green, adding a lovely contrast to the red, yellow and orange leaves.

As I approached my backyard gate, I heard a fuss. It was a Northern Flicker and a European Starling, fighting over the Suet Feeder. Guess who won!

Oh yes. The Starling was giving the Flicker the evil eyeball...but it didn't phase her one bit. She continued to peck...and peck....and peck.

Soon, the Northern Flicker flew off...leaving the Starling to feed. She didn't fly far; watching from a nearby rooftop.

She will soon return and I will be waiting....


  1. Great post! LOVE those Flickers!

  2. Wonderful photos of the Flicker...great captures!! Loved the action and the disappointed look on the E.Starlings face!

  3. Did you notice the Starling retreated a tad?