Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Autumn at the Serpentine Fen

The Vancouver forecast called for heavy rainfall so I resolved to stay in and birdwatch from my kitchen window. I have 2 tube feeders, 1 finch feeder, 1 Suet feeder, and an Insta-Feeder. The day brought the usual suspects: American Goldfinches (at various stages of molt), House finches, House Sparrows and Black-Capped Chickadees. Those that chose to forage on the ground were European Starlings (gobbling up earth worms), and Dark-Eyed Juncos.

Here, a beautiful female Northern Flicker enjoys some WBU PB&J Suet:

Around noon, the clouds broke apart and the sun came out. I took it as a window of opportunity, no matter how small.
First up - Surrey Lake.

Sadly, there wasn't a whole lot of activity there. It was already noon and many of the birds and waterfowl had moved on. I did see a small family of American Coots, though, and pair of Common Loons.

Next, I drove to the Serpentine Fen. There was a little more activity there:
Ducks were coming and going:

Some just floating about:

While others were getting their second wind of the day:

While I was watching the ducks, I noticed this hawk, circling me from above. I honestly think he was considering me for lunch:

After the hawk flew off, I stopped at a nearby hedge to look for the frogs I heard croaking. I never did find the frogs, but I did find this little beauty - a black-capped chickadee:

I noticed that the wind was picking up and the clouds were rolling in - it was time for me to go. Before heading down the path to the car, I looked back at one of the 3 observation towers:

The autumn foliage is slowly appearing - adding color and contrast to the landscape

The rain stayed away for a little over two hours. It was just long enough...

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