Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Pack Your Bags, We're Flying to Mexico!

It's a rather sad time at the feeders, right now. My regular customers, the American Goldfinches, are now dressed in their fall/winter plumage and are getting ready to make the journey to warmer climates. Some will fly as far south as Mexico.

After spending much of the Spring and Summer in British Columbia, watching these little beauties fly erratically from one tube feeder to another; from one tree branch to another; I can't imagine looking outside and not seeing them there, cheerfully singing their sweet little songs.

I know that, with the colder weather, hungry little Chickadees, Juncos, and Towhees will rest on the same perches that once hosted the goldfinches...and with those new winter birds, will come new stories and photographs. Still, I will wait patiently for the warm sun to return in Spring, bringing with it these charming visitors, once again.

Until we meet again, have a safe flight.

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  1. Safe travels my little friends...until next spring...take care!!!

  2. If it's any consolation my bird feeder of not quite 3 weeks has been awesome! I think we are up to 10 different species now, from Chickadees to the beautiful beautiful flickers and jays. I think we missed your little friends, but it may be we are just not very good at identifying them yet!

  3. Our goldfinches stay all winter but they do lose their color. They are still bright yellow for now.