Friday, July 3, 2009

Meet Frau Blücher

During the early afternoon, I spent some good quality time with my favorite female red-winged blackbird, Frau Blücher. Now, you may be wondering why I named this bird Frau Blücher. Well, in the Mel Brooks movie, Young Frankenstein, every time Frau Blücher’s name (played by Cloris Leachman) is mentioned, horses neigh. The horses are simply ’so afraid’ at the mere mention of her name … they respond accordingly, even when no horses are present. It’s comedy. It was 1974. It was Mel Brooks.

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Anyway, I named her Frau Blücher because when she arrives – the sparrows and finches angrily chirp and hiss…and reluctantly withdrawal from the feeders…to the rooftops until she has finished feeding. She takes her sweet time – rushing for no one.

No matter where I am in the house, if a window is open, I know when she has arrived.

Here she is – posing for my camera :

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