Monday, June 15, 2009

Birding @ Boundary Bay

Boundary Bay Regional Park offers outstanding bird viewing opportunities. The park is located on the western shore of Boundary Bay within the Fraser River Estuary, one of Canada’s most important ecosystems for migrating and wintering birds. This area is internationally significant and is designated as an Important Bird Area (IBA).

Each year, Boundary Bay is used by 1.5 million birds from 20 countries. Fifty species of shorebirds and day counts of more than 100,000 waterfowl have been recorded. Birds and other wildlife depend on critical habitat in Boundary Bay, including salt and fresh water marshes, tidal mudflats, grassland, sand dunes and sandy shoreline.

Bird Checklist :
- Great Blue Heron
- Bald Eagle
- Savannah Sparrow
- Red-Winged Blackbird
- Black Capped Chickadee
- American Pipit
- Cedar Waxwing
- American Crow
- Mew Gull
- Heermann’s Gull
- Virginia Rail
- Mallard Duck
- Spotted Towhee
- Red-Tailed Hawk
- Tree Swallow
- Violet-green Swallow
- Barn Swallow
- Bushtit
- Bewick’s Wren
- Cooper’s Hawk
- Turkey Vulture
- Osprey

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